Time for a Change

We can make Illinois prosperous and business friendly again.  Illinois and Chicago have the resource and geographic advantage to attract many of the Fortune 500 corporations.  The issues that I will be focusing on in Springfield are:


Reduce And Curve Rising Property Tax & Income Tax

  • Illinois has the second highest property tax in the U.S.  Only New Jersey, by a small margin, has the highest property tax
  • Illinois just raised income tax from  3.75% to 4.95% on 7/1/17.  Legislators are talking about raising the income tax again.  Keep raising taxes is not a viable solution as more Illinoisans will leave the state.  No one can afford to keep paying the ever rising taxes

Reduce wasteful governmental spending

  • Illinois has too many layers of government which leads to duplicate services and waste.  We need to reduce unnecessary layers and functions and be more efficient
  • We have to reduce wasteful spending and cut the fat rather than looking to increase taxes

Sensible and meaningful pension reform

  • We all know that the pension recipients did not cause the problems, but the politicians who over-promised and did not deliver.  These politicians did not think through and were short-sighted when they made unfathomable promises.
  • We need comprehensive review of the pension shortfall and determine options to deal with the problem

Term Limits For State Executive Branch & Legislative Offices

  • We cannot let these career politicians ruin Illinois any longer.  A fresh thinking, unbiased, and impartial people should have an opportunity to get elected and make sounds decisions in the government.

Fair, Impartial, and Sensible Redistricting

  • The voters should be able to select their elected officials, NOT elected officials Gerry-mandering the district maps so that the voters will have no choice and their votes become meaningless
  • A fair and simpler redistricting that keeps the cities and villages in one district rather than splitting a city or village into multiple districts

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